At the little fish shop we pride ourselves on offering you the freshest fish we can possibly find. We source much of it from a number of local fishermen as well as catching some of it  ourselves.( Phil's boat, Cathy Anne, fishes from the historic Essex village of Wivenhoe.)  When in season all our local fish is on the counter within 24 hours of capture

We also source our fish from markets such as Lowestoft in Suffolk, where we get beautiful line caught Cod, as it arrives here a few weeks before it works its way down the coast to the local ports

Peterhead in Scotland is the market we use to source the fish that only live in the north, such as halibut, haddock and coley.

Whenever possible we get our salmon from Loch Duart where they practice low density stocking, meaning the fish are active, lean and healthy and as close to wild salmon as possible.

Much of the shellfish we sell is bought daily in Billingsgate Market. We also use this market for our more unusual species such as Tuna and Swordfish and the more exotic species such as Snapper and Pink Bream.

Preparing Your Fish

We know that to enjoy your fish you need to have it prepared just how you like it. Phil or Steven are always on hand to talk to and show you the best way to scale, fillet, gut, steak or butterfly your chosen fish to your requirements


 Phil's fishing boat, Cathy Anne, moored alongside the dock at Wivenhoe.



Our fish is sourced as locally as possible and is caught by small under ten metre day boats . This helps local fishermen and helps us bring you the freshest fish that we can.


The Little Fish Shop
34 High Street
Kelvedon, Essex CO5 9AG
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The Little Fish Shop, Kelvedon, Essex | 01376 573535

About Us

The Little Fish Shop was the brainchild of Maria Nash.  She had the idea of opening a wet fish shop when her partner Phil was searching for new premises for their business, The Little Fish Company, which supplies fresh fish and seafood products to restaurants, pubs ect.  The Little Fish Company needed more room to expand as the customer base grew.

The property they found in the Essex village of Kelvedon was the perfect choice, having the shop facility at the front of the building and a large enough area at the rear to prepare the fish for sale.  The Little Fish Shop first opened it's doors on the 10th March 2011.   The villagers of Kelvedon and the surrounding area have openly welcomed the fish shop as the latest addition to their gourmet food outlets which also include a local butcher shop and a delicatessen.

 Opening hours are Tuesday and Wednesday 9am - 1pm

Thursday - Saturday 9am - 5pm



For Special Occasions

For your special occasions such as birthday or anniversary parties, or even a romantic night in, our beautifully dressed salmon and tasty seafood platters have proved to be very popular. With just a few hours notice we can cook and dress a salmon or put together a platter.

 Dressed salmon can either be a whole fish or two fillets laid on top of each other, this has the advantage that all the bones can be taken out before cooking and dressing takes place.

Platters can either be made to your specification or if you don't mind being surprised we can put a little of everything on it for you, this includes honey roasted salmon, cockles, prawns, crayfish tails etc.